The Lysis Platform will not solely offer crowdfunding possibilities to those deemed worth, but will also provide a new, fresh answer to the market imbalances and asymmetries.

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Today, a company has very few solutions to finance a new project, a new product or simply to cover daily requirements in terms of financial needs. Just a decade ago it was enough to contact a financial institution, present the business plan, and, in most cases, receive a loan. Considering what mentioned above, the imbalances of the market, therefore impacting the allocation of capital between borrowers and lenders have created a very difficult credit crunch that will not be easily and quickly resolvable.

Today, this appears as distant dream for most companies and people in general. Asking for a loan today requires enormous paperwork, credit ratings, financial stability, compliance checks and many more, without having the assurance of walking away with the loan. The length of the procedure paired with the necessity of more-than-perfect financial records makes it close to impossible to receive even minor loans quickly enough to start a company or just to cover daily business necessities. What was known before as deregulation has been easily surpassed now by over regulation.

It appears that finding the right way in the middle, or the proverbial silver bullet is something that is not attainable, not for the moment at least.

The Participants to this process are:

The Lysis system can be modelled as a set of paticipants, Asset, Marketplaces, and Processes

Individual consumers or institutions wishing to acquire or trade security tokens based on their perception of the value of the Project.


Entities that wish to sell tokenized financial products.


Entities that wish to acquire leased machinery or similar assets.

KYC Provider

A KYC (Know Your Customer) provider validates the real identities of participants and performs due diligence to accredit them.

Value for Investors

Investors perform an essential role in the functioning of Lysis platform. Based on their decisions, capital will flow within and across borders and fuels value creation within businesses. Members of the investment community therefore have the power to allocate or withdraw funds that can shape organizations’ decisions and the profile of capital markets.

Moreover, the investment allocated through the Lysis platform, have a very low risk thanks to the security tool implemented into each machinery, as described above.

Value for Companies

The Lysis platform increases the worth of goods, services or even the business thanks to the inflow of liquidity and the easy access to the capital market. Many business operators now focus on value creation both in the context of creating better value for customers purchasing its products and services, as well as for shareholders in the business who want to see their stake appreciate. Therefore, the inner marketplace of Lysis will automatically drive value where the investors believe it should be allocated, also driving up the company value.

Value for Providers.

The providers can profit the Lysis platform and have a direct access to new customers and a new market based on blockchain technology.

Value for Financial Intermediaries and Lending Institutions: even large corporates currently involved in traditional finance and lending operations may benefit from the Lysis platform. Not only this would be considerably quicker than traditional channels but would moreover offer modern and innovative safety tools for lenders, borrowers and investors. The platform allows to automatically trigger safety mechanisms in order to always guarantee full compliance of all the parties involved, regardless of the type of the project or its physical location.

“it is possible that the many, though not individually good men, yet when they come together may be better, not individually but collectively, than those who are so, just as public dinners to which many contribute are better than those supplied at one man’s cost”.

The Platform will be the first real alternative

to standard leasing/credit procedures,

becoming a new marketplace of tokenized value for each and every user while guaranteeing full compliance of the platform with an internal Know Your Client system, updated to the latest MIFID regulations for safety of all the users and projects.

The platform is a toolbox designed to reach the lenders.