Field: Blockchain, Technical Partner. Location: Ticino, Switzerland.

Eidoo is a Swiss blockchain company focused on cryptocurrencies services. The Company raised in 2017 through an ICO more than 25M$ in order to provide a secure and simple service that gives back transparency and full control over customers’ financial asset through the Eidoo wallet app. The Eidoo Wallet and HDex is free and downloadable on IOS, Android and PC devices. Eidoo is a Swiss Financial Intermediary.

Field: Administration Services, Fiduciary. Location: Ticino, Switzerland.

Exacta International SA is a Swiss fiduciary company focused on corporate services. The Company is active in the fiduciary field and provides corporate assistance and multiple levels. The Owner and Director, Mr. Pietro Masciadri, has been in this fields for more than 20 years.

Field: Marketing, Journalism, Fintech Location: Ticino, Switzerland

The Cryptonomist is a sister company to Eidoo which is active in the marketing and fintech journalism field. It actively manages the web platform and provides marketing services to ICOs and projects in the crypto world.

Field: Legal and Corporate Services Location: Tallinn, Estonia.

KRM Advisor is legal firm based in Tallinn Estonia. Specialized in corporate services, KRM has developed consistent knowledge in the crypto world, particularly for the application of current regulations and laws.